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Gray Mountain Productions was created by Xavier Roca in 2009 to meet the growing demand for high quality, creative video production services presented by media organizations based in the Washington, DC area.

Originally an independent film maker and video production pioneer from Catalonia, Spain, he moved to the Washington, DC area in 1992. Since then, he has worked as a producer, cameraman and editor with various organizations based throughout the world. Xavier’s ability to speak fluent English, Spanish, French and Catalan, together with his multicultural knowledge offers a unique perspective to reach a worldwide audience.

Xavier is always looking ahead. With a perceptive eye and an editor’s mind for how the finished product should look, he is able to capture the unpredicted shots, the unexpected moments, and the unseen details in his sequence composition.

Gray Mountain Productions is equipped to record with Panasonic P2 video cameras, lighting and wired and wireless audio gear; and to edit with Apple computers with Final Cut Pro.

Our list of clients and fields ranges from non-profits to corporations, from news and events to music and entertainment, and from international institutions to production companies around the globe.

Xavier is an excellent cameraman, videographer, editor and producer. He is quick as well as detail oriented when producing video pieces. I use his video work to introduce my chess programs and to present in international conferences.
— Fernando Moreno, Chess for Success Program


• News
• Documentaries
• Social & political causes
• Educational video
• Corporate video
• Commercial video
• Music video
• Photography

Rates fluctuate based on required gear and complexity of the job. Gray Mountain Productions orientation prices are U.S. East Coast Standard between $750 and $1150 for a full working day, and include full gear equipment.

Working with Xavier Roca has been always extremely satisfying. Not only from the technical point of video editing, but also from the work of “a wonderful eye” that enhances the narrative with beautiful visual details.
— Ignacio Alcover, Musica Aperta


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